"Vincit Qui Se Vincit"

This means, "He conquers who conquers himself." In other words, you're your own biggest critic. Once you're able to say that you're proud of yourself, then your job is done. So stop trying to impress others and start trying to impress yourself.


You're stronger than you think you are, and you'll prove it to yourself once hard times hit.


Bart Crauwels is a fitness enthusiast, personal trainer and works in sales. When he isn't in the gym, he spends time with his family and trying not to be the worse gamer in the world.

He is currently working at Wezenbergfit and Decathlon. Bart trains almost everyday of the week and tries to contribute his ideas/trainings to others. He currently resides in Antwerp with his girlfriend and cats.

As a personal trainer he tries to motivate and improve others.  Born in the year 1987, he believes you should keep working on yourself and conquer your flaws. "He conquers who conquers himself." To be strong when weak, brave when scared and humble when victorious.

You can reach him at our contact page. By sending a e-mail. Or on our instagram page.